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Since it's founding in 1987, 3E Technology has served its customers with the skills and knowledge to solve any technical and logistic problems that its customers may face. This, along with a high standard of courtesy towards it customers, has placed 3E beyond the reach of its competitors. 3E fully supports it customers by assisting them in both their product search and the subsequent integration of chosen products into their operations.

The technology industries change as quickly as they produce; 3E stays abreast of all facets of the industries' progress, in order to support its customers instantly and with unparalleled efficiency.

When you need new brand name equipment, new brand name replacement parts for the mining and oil industries or for the renewable energy field, electronics, computers, networking and communications, medical equipment and test & measurement equipment, components or systems, call on 3E Technology for immediate assistance and complete satisfaction.

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METRELS: Mining, Energy, Technical Repairs and Efficient Logistics Support:  For three decades, 3E Technology, Inc., has serviced the industries of mining and minerals, oil, renewable (i.e., solar/wind) and legacy energy power plants, transportation, and Port Authorities around the globe. Utilizing its technical expertise, we have solved countless technical problems and provided logistic solutions in these quickly-changing industries. Among our services are drop-shipping to site locations, and locating matching replacement parts for obsolete units.

COMPUTERS: 3E offers upgrade and complete systems solutions, hardware, replacement/spare parts for most machines currently on the market, as well as for older and legacy machines that are still in use.

NETWORKING AND COMMUNICATIONS: 3E provides the full spectrum of computers, hardware, software and spare parts - as well as its wealth of knowledge for complete integration solutions.

TEST & MEASUREMENT and MEDICAL EQUIPMENT: 3E supplies complete systems and original spare parts, along with a board-level exchange program for new and used parts.

COMPONENTS: 3E supplies all integrated circuits from virtually any manufacturer (e.g., Motorola, National Semi Conductor, Harris Semiconductor, etc.) in all package types, and with the option of military specification. We also provide all varieties of capacitors and resistors, wires and cables, hardware, computer software, add-ons and most other parts, spare parts and sub-assemblies. All of these are offered at competitive prices. To learn more about our activities, please refer to our Product Categories and Vendor List pages.

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